Slater Turf Farm

Slater Turf Farm, located in Western North Carolina, markets propriety turfgrass sod products such as RTF in the western Carolinas and the Upstate of South Carolina. Seven turfgrass sod products provide the markets with year round availability. Slater Turf Farm began in 1994, although the owner has been producing tall fescue sod since 1988. Currently Slater Turf Farm has 150 acres in a sod production cycle with a full time crew of six and a part time crew of four. It produces sod in pallet form and big roll form. It ships using its own trucks or commercial trucks. The website to Slater Turf Farm is At that website is extensive information regarding the operations, products, and ordering information. A large selection of photos illustrates the various aspects of the farm, the business, and the turfgrass sod products.